Moeckel Pond Village District




Estimated Village District Budget
  • Funds are raised for the Village District for the following purposes:
    o Annual dam registration fee with NH DES ($400)
    o Small maintenance work on the dam, after it has been restored
    o Any incidental legal or insurance fees associated with the Village District
    o Building of capital reserves for any larger dam repairs in the future.

  • Funds are raised through a property tax rate. This rate is set by the residents of the Village District at the annual Village District meeting: the residents of the Village District have direct control over their Village District property tax rate.

  • Once the Village District has received ownership of the restored, inspected dam, our conservative estimate for the Village District’s yearly budget is $2,500. This would require a Village District tax assessment of $0.50 per thousand property value. So, a property owner with a tax assessment of $250,000 would have a yearly Village District contribution of $125.

  • This tax assessment began in 2012.

  • We, as a Village District, are committed to keeping this tax rate as low as possible. We'll work together to keep our Village District budget realistic and affordable.